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Tropical house design architecture with Superior bedroom in Chang Mai Thailand

This tropical house is really superior Home, two stories with a tropical architecture touch make this house so exclusive and charming. The large garden landscape in the courtyard and backyard adjusted the atmosphere to become more beautiful. The swimming pool was designed in the backyard of this tropical house, tropical weather which tends to heat very well suited to the existence of this swimming pool.

Entering this tropical house we will find a kitchen that is appointed with a Western-style kitchen, bathroom fittings of Western design and quality, and hardwood windows and doors that make this tropical house look more elegant.

The master bedroom suite with a sitting area and suite bathroom was located on the upper floor, and two other bedrooms with shared bathrooms were also located on this upper floor. Other features of this tropical house are a hallway, dining room on the first floor, living room on the upper and lower floor, laundry room on the lower floor, storage or utility room, and the entrance porch with exclusive tropical design. The next exterior picture and interior picture will show you how this tropical house was designed with a touch of tropical architecture. Click here to read about Top 10 Most Impressive Modern Skyscraper Architecture Design in the World.

Home Designs

Porch design – Tropical house design architecture with Superior bedroom in Chang Mai Thailand

Courtyard – Tropical house design architecture with Superior bedroom in Chang Mai Thailand

backyard – Tropical house design architecture with Superior bedroom in Chang Mai Thailand


Recycled tires house

The recycled tires house design is one of the wonderful house ideas for your design guide, the current house I guess effectively infiltrates well design concept, space functions, component gaming composition, characteristic archetype, and design subject harmonization.

The house initiator effectively put simultaneously magnificent impression harmony into a unification to produce a dramatic house. Applying smart design plan procedure and spotlight design principle is the key aspect of this recycled tires house turn into one of brilliant house design.

This recycled tire house proffers successful emphasis on color fraction, element composition, design fusion alliance, and design plan format, which the entire aspect join simultaneously to make a magnificent house. Following house design impression universally granted singular character to the environment nearest which is wrapped with highly developed design.

design wall decoration

Beautiful Design Wall Decoration With Kitchen Crockery

Beautiful design wall decoration with kitchen crockery brings affluent deliberation amid color allocation, items grouping, design blend organization, and design plan approaching, which the entire part unite in a group to create a great wall decoration kitchen.

Recent wall decoration kitchen design visualization unanimously delivered a special mood to the environment bordering which is deformed with superior design.

design wall decoration

The design spotlight to be noticed about this charming wall decoration kitchen is a successful character touching unprocessed design themes and element choices. For this pretty beautiful design wall decoration with kitchen crockery we proficiently mix smart wall decoration kitchen design plan, beautiful design view, items option, powerful representation of enhancement decoration, and design idea management.

Beautiful design wall decoration with kitchen crockery visualizations spotless balance, chick lines, and widespread simplicity create this great wall decoration kitchen as one of terrific design guidelines. After viewing the beautiful design wall decoration with kitchen crockery images cautiously maybe you will capture a unique idea to be realized in your design.

The wall decoration kitchen creator proficiently lay in a group great visualization harmonization into a unification to make a gorgeous wall decoration kitchen. Applying smart design plan technique and spotlight design principle is the key aspect of this beautiful design wall decoration with kitchen crockery become one of the inspiring wall decoration kitchen designs.


European Style House Design Amazing Game Room with Private Porch

What words can represent this house design architecture ?, elegance?, luxury ?, or incredible?, Amazing ?, or glamour? no one else words can represent this house design except ” perfect ten”, if we give a rating of 1 to 10 scale for this house design of course we must give it’s 10 score. A touch of European architectural style on the exterior site made this house design seem more elegant, and on the interior side was designed with a selection of high-quality furniture.  

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This house design has a total of 4,629 Sq. Ft. floor plan, consisting of  3,337 sq. Ft. main level and 1,233 Sq. Ft. 1,292 with 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms 1 Half Bathroom, 4 garage bays, garden courtyard near dining room, Family Room, Kitchen – Island, Home Office, Recreation Room, Personal Library, Porch at the front and rear, living room with Fireplace, Kitchen – Walk-in Pantry, mini bar.

First Floor Plan European Style House Design Amazing Game Room with Private Porch.

Second Floor Plan European Style House Design Amazing Game Room with Private Porch.


Stunning Landscaping Ideas

If you are hunting for ideas collection references, I think this stunning landscaping idea is a good example for your ideas design channel. While watching the stunning landscaping ideas image carefully, may be you will capture some new inspiration. These ideas I think effectively merge smart ideas design, fashionable appearance, element gaming composition, dominant characteristic ornament, and design theme organization.

The ideas designer tries to put imaginative design ideas on the entire appearance by accumulating color, accessible elements, and design organization into a union to build amazing ideas. Separately as a house architecture design follower, I like the entire design of the stunning landscaping ideas mixture

Stunning landscaping ideas in my judgment are eye-catching and smart ideas. The entire ideas design fusion among color, element ingredient, arrangement association, and ideas fabrication course action was so superb. The design point of this stunning landscaping idea I think is to build eye-catching ideas design. Do you like this stunning landscaping idea?

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Tokyo's Iidabashi Station

Exploring Tokyo’s Iidabashi Station: A Comprehensive Guide

Tokyo’s Iidabashi Station is a bustling hub that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, serving as a key intersection for several train lines and offering convenient access to numerous attractions and neighborhoods. This article delves into the intricacies of Iidabashi Station, its history, and its significance in Tokyo’s extensive transit network.

A Brief History

Iidabashi Station first opened its doors in 1928, originally serving as a stop on the Chūō Main Line. Over the decades, the station has expanded significantly, incorporating multiple train lines and transforming into a major interchange. Its name, derived from the nearby Iidabashi Bridge, reflects its connection to the local geography and history. Click here to read about tropical house design architecture with Superior bedroom in Chang Mai Thailand.

Train Lines and Connectivity

Iidabashi Station is unique for its integration of five different train lines, making it one of Tokyo’s most versatile transport hubs. Here’s a breakdown of the lines that converge at this station:

Tokyo's Iidabashi Station

JR East Chūō-Sōbu Line

This line provides access to central Tokyo and connects with several other major lines, making it a vital artery for daily commuters and travelers.

Tokyo Metro Namboku Line

Serving the northern and southern parts of Tokyo, the Namboku Line offers a smooth transit through the city’s core.

Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line

This line is popular for its stops near commercial and entertainment districts, including Ginza and Ikebukuro.

Toei Ōedo Line

Circling through many of Tokyo’s central wards, the Ōedo Line is perfect for exploring a wide array of urban attractions.

Station Layout and Facilities

Iidabashi Station’s layout is designed to handle a large volume of passengers efficiently. The station is split into two main sections: the JR East side and the Tokyo Metro/Toei side. Each side is equipped with multiple ticket gates, concourses, and platforms to streamline passenger movement.

Key Features:

Ticket Gates and Concourses

Clearly marked and easy to navigate, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both daily commuters and tourists.


Well-signposted with real-time train information displays, making it easy to catch your next train.


Elevators, escalators, and barrier-free pathways are available to assist passengers with mobility challenges.

Nearby Attractions

Iidabashi Station is surrounded by a variety of attractions that cater to different interests. Here are some highlights:


A historic neighborhood known for its cobblestone streets, traditional restaurants, and boutique shops. Often referred to as “Tokyo’s Little Paris,” it’s a charming area to explore on foot.

Koishikawa Kōrakuen Garden

One of Tokyo’s oldest and most beautiful Japanese gardens, offering a serene escape from the bustling city.

Tokyo Dome City

A major entertainment complex featuring an amusement park, shopping mall, and the iconic Tokyo Dome, home to numerous sports and concert events.

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